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To reach, inspire, and empower youth through effective programs that launch them higher. We are dedicated to providing programs and services that convey love, hope, and restoration.


To see youth excel through higher education, strong morals and ethics, and practical living skills.


Aging out of the foster care system can be a scary thought for a young girl without the support of a family or the ability to live on her own. Oklahoma has over 11,000 children in DHS custody with over 500 aging out (turning 18) each year. Faced with a life altering choice, some girls choose to sign themselves back into custody at 18, while others set out on a journey for freedom and independence. Project Manna Girls’ Home is dedicated to offering support regardless of their decision until they are able to support themselves with adequate support and guidance.

Project Manna Girls’ Home is a transitional living home that equips, guides and supports young ladies during their journey to adulthood. We currently have a Foster and Community Home in the Tulsa area, which houses up to 6 young girls during their transition period.

Project Manna Girls’ Home provides life skills training, and weekly cooking classes and tutoring at Oxford Learning Center. The main objectives include:

  • Providing a safe, healthy, and healing environment for DHS custody children.
  • Teach young ladies valuable skills to build healthy habits and independent living.
  • Supply young ladies with the tools for academic success.
  • Provide life-skills training.
  • Provide academic scholarships for young ladies aging-out.
  • Give young ladies the opportunity to go on international and national mission trips


Launch Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization that depends on the generosity of many individuals and businesses to accomplish our mission and vision.  Launch provides services and support to youth around the world regardless of their ability to pay.  By making a donation, you are helping us develop and implement effective programs for our youth.